1. What type of security do you have?
      We have security cameras, the premise is fenced and the entrance is gated and locked.  We also live on site, normally someone is here and there are dogs on the premises.
    2. What do I need to rent a unit?
      We need a copy of your ID and a contract filled out. A deposit and rent paid.
    3. When is my rent due?
      Your rent is due the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th at which time a late fee will be applied to your account.
    4. I want to rent a unit but want to know if it is public knowledge.
      We do not divulge any personal information to anyone about our tenants including admitting whether they have a unit with us.
    5. I only need the unit for a short time can I rent it for 2 weeks.
      We are unable to rent for less than 30 days.
    6. How do I get my deposit back?
      Make sure you come to the office and fill out a move out form. This form ends the contract and if you have left the unit in good condition, and given 10 day’s notice, we normally mail you your refund within 10 days.
    7. What do I need to do if I am moving out?
      Notify the office at least 10 days prior to moving out, leave the unit clean, and fill out a move out the day you vacate the unit. 360-225-8148 or burriscreek@aol.com
    8. Can I pay the deposit and have you hold the unit for me?
      We are not able to hold units, they are first come first serve.  It is best to come and rent the unit or have a family member rent the unit to insure having it when you need it.  Our availability is constantly changing.
    9. Do you have outdoor storage or parking.
      We do not offer long term outdoor storage, if you need to leave a moving truck overnight please call to make arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate you.
    10. What size are the doors to the units?
      Most of them are 7 ½ ft. tall and 8ft. wide. They are a roll up door.
    11. Am I able to drive to my unit?
      Yes, you are able to pull up directly to your unit to load and unload.
    12. Is there electricity in the units?
      We decided not to put electricity in the units to prevent unwanted activities from happening in them. We also found it would help keep the rent cost down. There is outdoor lighting.
    13. Are the units heated or temperature controlled?
      The buildings are insulated and built with a moisture barrier in the floor and remain dry but they are not temperature controlled.
    14. Do you allow cars to be stored in your units?
      Yes, we ask that you put cardboard or a tarp under the car to keep any fluids that might leak from staining the cement.  Most cars fit in our 10 x 20 unit.
    15. Can I park my truck and trailer there just over night until I can return in the morning?
      Please contact the office and we will do our best to accommodate you. 360.225.8148